Everyone Come In Like Robots. ARE YOU A ROBOT?

Hello My Queens and Kings I Hope you are all in great health, doing what you love and loving what you do. There is so much people, that are not. hence the reason for my title today. I don't know the percentage because I'm not a percentage kinda girl, I could be but it all... Continue Reading →


2 Hacks That Can Help You To Find Peace And Joy As Happiness Can Be A Temporary Thing.

WHY DON’T WE LOVE OURSELVES ANYMORE? Loving yourself is something that so much of us find hard. We should always take out time for ourselves. We can not give our best to others if we are not feeling great within ourselves. Not loving yourself can be a hazard.It Leaves room for errors. Hence the reason... Continue Reading →

Lesson I Learnt From My Environment

IT’S NOT ABLE WHERE YOUR FROM. IT’S ALL ABOUT WHERE YOUR GOING. I always hear people say “It’s because of the environment they live in”. It’s not until now at the age of 30,I really understand that a person will behavior the best way they know how. Whether right or wrong. The environment you come... Continue Reading →

Coming To My Senses

I feel like you with in my heart and head and expressed. I can relate to this so much. Love this poem and will me sharing it for life.

AlyZen Moonshadow

I am
Coming to
My senses
Waking up
My reality
Is changing
My world
Suddenly I am
Standing on
The other side
A stranger
Looking in
When in the past
I was like
Those in the bubble
To what is
Believing that
I was born to
Pay bills
And Die
Because isn’t that
What everyone else does?

Now the scales
Have fallen
And I can see
Really see
How we must
Turn right round
Scratch out
The past
And start again
If humanity
Is to have
A chance
To survive
All the wars
All the enmity
All the struggles
All the strife
All the heartache
All the stress
All the worry
All come down to
Just one thing


The concept of
Money begets
The concepts of
Power and Ownership
Which in turn beget
The concepts of
Greed and Profit
Which beget
The concept of

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